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The game will take you back to the days when television was all game-shows and situational comedy, and the word reality hadn’t even been thought up yet. It features your standard TV game show host, a shapely model of a co-host, and up to four contestants going wild on stage. After a question is answered, players have to select from the multiple choices available for the correct answer. Since there are multiple people playing, you also have to select the correct answer the fastest, since that is what gets the most points. If you select the correct answer after someone else has, you’ll get less points, but at least you’ll be right. That’s just one of the ways this game balances out trivia knowledge.

In addition to being able to ride on your friends’ answers, there is also an option after every round called the wheel of chance. If anyone that is playing decides that they want to use the wheel, then everyone has to use the wheel. This can really slow down the game, since spinning the wheel can either increase the amount of money you have, or can make you lose everything. Generally, anyone who is behind the leader is going to want to spin the wheel each round, leading to a game that is more based on luck than on any amount of trivia knowledge.

There is also the fact that later on in the game, there are little sub-games that will hide one, or more, of the answers. Through such methods as directing a looking glass onto the screen to show what the answers are, to scratching off answers like a lotto ticket, this other method of balancing out the game turn’s trivia knowledge into less of a weapon in the game, and more of a hindrance.

On the bright side, there is extensive Mii support in the game, so your character will be able to stand in and play for you on the show. The expressions that are provided are also very expressive. This game does an excellent job of getting your Mii to react like they would, and it’s very entertaining to watch. Another positive thing about the game is that there are a ton of TV trivia questions in it, allowing people to play for hours and hours before the questions start repeating.

While the problems with TV Show King don’t make it unplayable, the do make it less of a party trivia game, and more of a group video game, but there’s still a lot of party-aspect to it, enough that it’ll likely keep you and your friends and family enjoying it for a night, at least.