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The story of the game has to do with the continent of North America being split down the middle between the Pacificians and the Atlantic Alliance. The West Coast ended up choosing to allow DNA alteration, while the East Coast banned genetic engineering and chose the route of cybernetics instead. When the Pacificians can't take the ban on genetic engineering any more, they secede, and the Atlantic Alliance sends you, Jet Brody, to bring back the renegade general leading the separation.

This third-person shooter plays very similar to other games of its sort. When you take cover, your health regenerates. You get to shoot machine guns, rocket launchers, sniper rifles, and other implements of distant death. You get to drive around on an All Terrain Vehicle in between shooting at foes. One thing that is different about this game, however, is that you are able to terraform the ground with your guns and grenades. You can use this feature to move the terrain up, or down. This is used in the game to help complete a couple of traps, and to find hidden items throughout the levels, and in a couple places to kill enemies, but that's it. Generally, too, the game points out any opportunity to use the skill to take out targets, so there goes your chance to feel like you pulled off a sweet move with it. While it's an interesting feature to check out, it doesn't really add a lot to the gameplay.

That's too bad, too, because the gameplay could use a little adding to. It mostly consists of fighting off the enormous number of enemies that the game throws at you. Spending time fighting through the same section over and over again to reach another save point would be the most rewarding part of the whole experience, except that you end up doing it again in the very next section. That makes the yellow goo that comes along with each head shot the most rewarding part of the game.

The visuals in the game definitely make a person feel like they are a couple hundred years in the future, if that future became very drab. Most of the levels are filled with grays and browns, making a person wonder if the if they had outlawed color in the future along with genetic engineering.

While the Fracture experience isn't a completely unpleasant one to take on, it had its annoyances. The fights are difficult, sometimes overwhelmingly so, and the tool that the game gives you to help deal with them, doesn't do much for you tactically. What you're left with is a game that you could slog through the muck and fight for but probably won't.