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Batman fanatics have a new a game to dwell on, which catches your breath once you start playing the game. For some DC comic fans, it is a great twist in your gaming experience. You can see the different side of the story and enjoy the great cinematography and its effects.

If you enjoyed playing the Batman GOTY with its better effects in 3D animation and some parts of the game which you enjoyed a lot, you should grab a copy of the latest DC comic game, Batman Arkham Asylum, and enjoy the fist-fighting and confusing challenge of the maps that deal a lot with Joker’s minions. This new version of Batman: The Series is much more interesting compared to the former, with its cool effects that heighten the intensity of the game.

As usual, this is a battle game between the Dark Knight of Gotham City and the Clown Prince of Crime. But take note, this is not just a mere battle between the two. Dark Knight will deal a lot with Joker’s minion and encounter famous villains in the real story of Batman. In this game, you play the Dark Knight who protects Arkham, where insane criminals, including the outrageous, unlawful and bloody Joker and his minions dwell.

This game is not as wholesome compared to other Batman comic games. You will notice the return of some undesirable characters in the animated series. Not only that; this game also exploits your imagination while playing your favorite Batman game. This isn’t just your typical cartoon Batman video game, as you can visualize erotic and mind boggling sexy outfits and some body parts exposure. The language is also sprinkled with inappropriate (some may think) languages such as “bitch” and “ass” among other terms. Also, this game displays a lot of bloody scenes, with dead bodies scattered all over the place, which could be very interesting for some.

In this gameplay, it’s not just defending the world against villains; before you reach that goal you have first to sink in yourself in dark, creepy world. You have this three main portion of the game – fist fighting, which Batman is good at; a battle in the shadows; and exploration. As you’re in a middle of quest, a lot of tough guys obstruct your way, hungry to beat the man of hour.

Fist fighting in Batman Arkham Asylum is pretty much the definition of a breath taking art of defense/offense. The game allows Batman to move faster than his enemies and engage them in 360 degrees. You just guide your left stick towards which enemy you want to knock down and Batman follows suit. Through four available buttons - strike, jump, stun and reverse – you can unleash Batman’s wrath on the hoodlums of the Earth. You can apparently just smash the strike button and beat the living hell out of the bad guys with a healthy set of animations; and you can easily turn around when you see the spider-sense icon pop-up above a bad guy's head.

This game gives a sense of great accomplishment when you beat down these hungry little bastards, by smashing some bats at them or beat them to the ground. A meter tally shows how good your combo is. As long you’re in the momentum of your attack and there’s consistency, your combo tally meter will keep on increasing until it reaches its maximum massive combo of eight. There are also breathtaking special moves that make the game so gripping once you’ve unlocked the secret attack moves. You may also utilize the items which Batman puts in his famous golden yellow belt to beat down those crazy little bastards.

Riddler can drag you to his 240 mind twisting riddles. Every time Batman is in the room, Riddler shakes the Dark Knight’s mind and it’s up to you to solve the riddles. Every crazy riddle you solve corresponds to a trophy. As you go along through the battles you grab mini-stories of each main villain. These mini-stories and audio blogs can help you discover why these villains became what they are. You have 42 bios to unlock as you fight you way through the game.

The audio of the game works great. You can just sit and listen to the fascinating voice acting and sound. The sound and audio quality are so great especially in a Dolby surround type system. Likewise, graphics is superb and even sharper on Xbox 360.

There are some flaws to this game, however. To name a few, some cut-scenes in the opening cinematic do not come out as good as one expects – some characters have bug-eyes and there’s a lot of shoddy lip-synching going on in the game. This is probably due to the pixelated movie clips during and throughout. But as a whole, this game is good enough to keep gamers well occupied.

Batman Arkham Asylum is one the greatest comic game ever. This is not just one of your wholesome, typical Batman story. It is so much more than a full fun gameplay elements and well-told story. It gives you the total feel of being in the midst of the story. Those petty flaws in the story are negligible in comparison to the great extravagance of its wonderful features; it’s a game that everyone should play and enjoy.