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F1 2011 is the latest in the line of quality Formula 1 games for the PS Vita. The game was produced by a UK based company, Sumo Digital, and it is certainly a worthwhile game both for casual fans and for die hard F1 fans.

The game is definitely better than most people predicted it would be, particularly as the 3DS version of this game was disappointing. The PS Vita screen is perfect for this game and it definitely takes advantage of the large screen size. With all the game modes and the way the car handles, it is almost a complete F1 experience.

Game Modes:

Grand Prix - This features practice runs, qualifying options, as well as the option to just run the race. Lap settings can be adjusted as well as difficulty. There is the possibility to play with any of the drivers from the 2011 Formula One World Championship.

Three Season Career Mode - This is perfect for those who want a more challenging and lengthy experience. You start off as your own driver and you have three seasons to get to the very top of Formula 1. When you perform well, contracts are offered and you can jump to higher teams.

Multiplayer - A maximum of four players can use the multiplayer feature when they connect through a network.

Car Handling- The car handling of this game is terrific. Everything about F1 is there to behold. Even details such as KERS and DRS are available, something most did not anticipate from this game.

The AI is also much improved from other versions of F1 games on mini gaming devices. While it is certainly not as intelligent as in the XBOX, PC or PS3 versions, it is very respectable. On hard settings, the AI will be a good challenge and it is not an easy task to win races. Playing on the career mode will be a true test of skill, as a person starts off with one of the slower F1 cars.

Challenge Mode - Various challenges can be done against current F1 drivers. This means that there is a challenge for each of the most famous F1 champions. Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso, Michael Schumacher, and Jenson Button are all featured in these F1 challenges. The challenges include a specific situation and a task that must be completed. This can be done in various difficulty levels. It certainly makes for a good time to try and get all of the challenges done.

The major difference between the PS Vita version to regular console versions is the trickiness of the handling. While all the features of F1 handling are there, it is definitely much easier to handle the car on the PS Vita. There are less details involved in car handling and corners are a lot easier to navigate at higher speed.

It is definitely not a simulation game, so those who are looking for that will be disappointed. The purpose of F1 2011 is to give PS Vita users a chance to play a game associated with their favorite sport.