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Disney Princess My Fairytale Adventure for the Nintendo 3DS, is an enjoyable escape for any young fairy tale or Disney aficionado but especially so for young girls who are probably the target audience. The game places the player in the role of the young apprentice to a Fairy Godmother who accidentally unleashes a crew of mischievous imps into the worlds of "Princesses" Rapunzel, Cinderella, Ariel, Tiana, and Belle. The player must journey through each world and complete two adventures in each in order to solve all the problems caused by the imps and also to help each Princess in their stories.

The apprentice uses her magic wand and twirl magic to complete each task, and the controls for doing so are relatively simple. Shaking the controller back and forth and up and down are the actions required to use magic, but these actions do not need to be very precise. Very little fine motor control is needed for the game, as jumping and other simple acrobatic moves are made easy. This makes the game more appropriate for younger players who can easily get frustrated by difficult controls.

The real magic of this game lies in the interaction of the worlds of our the Disney Princesses. Although an older player will not be challenged, entertained or even interested in the very easy tasks and games, there's something magical about getting to wander around in, and interact with familiar Disney worlds of from childhood days. The creators of the game have done a good job including a wide variety of characters and details from each of the princess stories that viewers enjoy and connect with. For instance, the first chapter of the Cinderella world is a great synopsis of the story of getting Cinderella to the ball, and allows the young player to feel as though they are a part of the process. The inclusion of lots of interaction with the mice characters shows that the creators understood the young demographic that would most appreciate this game.

Although immersion into the worlds of the Disney princesses is the best aspect of this game, the overarching story line of the Fairy Godmother's apprentice is endearing and ties the game together well. Along with exploring the portals to other worlds, the player also has the option to tend to a magical garden, decorate their apprentice's room, and change her appearance and outfit. The jewels needed to purchase items are scattered liberally and respawn often, so they are easy to amass quickly. These creative areas of the game don't offer a lot of variety for an older player, but are sure to delight a younger player with hours of fun and rearranging.

Disney Princess My Fairytale Adventure for the 3DS is a great game for a young elementary-aged girl. Girls of middle school age or above may find it skewed too young or not challenging enough to be truly enjoyable. This game could also be enjoyed by a preschool-aged child, but would require substantial help from an adult to manipulate the controls. Although the plot is simple and the adventures are easy, it is a treat for the eyes and a fun journey through the worlds of five of the most beloved Disney princesses.