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Angry Bird Trilogy originally came out on the app phones and later made it way on the Xbox 360, most people online will be well aware on this game and how popular it became online as million upon millions of players decided to play it on the iPhone.

The aim of each level is to fire or rather catapult the angry bird in a location resulting in gaining points based on your accuracy of the sling, more accuracy results in a higher score unlocking potential achievements.

This is the trilogy set and is no different to that of one that was released on the iPhone, there are over 600 levels to wade through but fans who have played the originals already may not find enough satisfaction having already seen what needs to be done and the general scenery overall.

I would have expected given the cost of this game to further introduce more new levels, or better still a complete set of new levels given the amount of users who have already played the trilogy in extensive length. Or perhaps include the trilogy and offer more new levels on top, they decided against this and to be honest if you have already played the app games then this can be brushed aside.

I found some enjoyment here but nothing that astonishing, it was meant as an app game to pass the time away, rather than being slung on a console, to me it seemed that the only reason why it came to the console was because of the success of the app, rather than giving Angry Bird addicts something further and different.

Overall the price is what lets this game down, you cannot charge small peanuts for the app version then go and change 20 times that price to place it on the Xbox 360, not without adding more incentive and more different levels other than the original Angry Birds Trilogy which people have played extensively.