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Much like the movie, the story revolves around the friendships Wall-E makes, and the place that he is at. He’s dropped off on a dirty planet, all by himself, and has to clean it up. The first levels that are in the game reflect that loneliness, since you won’t see another creature on the planet for quite a bit. After a little while though, Wall-E runs into Eve, a flying robot that will take him on his further adventure.

The character of Wall-E and Eve are done very well. The cutscenes, especially, provide lots of opportunities for you to see the humanity in these robots. These scenes were not taken from the movie, which is a nice change from games that are so reliant on their big-screen hosts that they actually pull images from the movie to help tell the story.

The gameplay in this title is somewhat interesting, despite becoming less so the farther in you go. In the early levels, Wall-E can jump and make little trash cubes which he flings at enemies. Despite there being a bunch of different types of garbage he can make into attack cubes, there isn't a lot of difficult puzzle-solving to be found. The keys to locked doors are generally located right next to the door, making it much easier on younger generations, but causing older players to wonder just what the purpose of that locked door was.

There are also portions where you get to play as Eve. These are extremely fun, since the controls are very responsive. She can fly around at will, either in great big open-air spaces, or racing through tunnels. The capability to fly around the environments is a boon to the game because it is so well done, but there were certainly opportunities to do even more with it.

The last portion of the game has you flying a spaceship and shooting hordes of robots that are in your way. After spending so much of the game engaged in platforming skills, the changeover to direct shooting is something of a shock. It actually decreases the fun from the game, despite the fact that it changes the gameplay some, because the game is so based on friendship and enjoyable things that shooting enormous numbers of robots into oblivion doesn't actually feel right here.

Despite the small issues with Wall-E, the ten hours that it takes to play through the game are actually pretty enjoyable. If you’re a younger fan of the movie, then this game might have exactly what you’re looking for.