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Scarface the World is Yours on the Wii was created by Rockstar Games, you can think of it in the same style gameplay that can be found in the GTA series. They have created a whole new genre that specifically fits into the type of world that Scarface could thrive in. So, it is only fitting that the new Scarface game revisits that style of game, only by removing all the negative aspects that made GTA games problematic and instead improving them in every way imaginable.

Some of the specifics that have been fixed on the Scarface game, as compared to the GTA series, is that the targeting system is a lot more usable and intuitive than it was in the earlier games. Also, you no longer have to drive out of the way to stock up on your weapons before going into battles. There are also other components that are completely unique to the new game, many of which fit in to the game style rather well.

One new little feature of this game is the Tony Montana Rage feature. This is where you get to really feel like the drug kingpin of Miami, when you get to go into first-person mode with unlimited ammunition and untouchable health. You get to go into this special mode by acquiring enough Balls to do so. The way you acquire Balls is by doing ballsy things, driving on the wrong side of the road, taunting enemies in battle, or targeting specific body parts. The new target system allows you to do this quite easily, seamlessly blending this ability to increase the amount of carnage you wreak, while simultaneously increasing your Balls meter as you go along.

This is not just a third-person fighting game, however. There is a lot more to do in this open world than just get in fights with police and rival cartels, although there will be plenty of that. No, you also have to take the time to buy properties that you can turn into fronts for drugs, take over warehouses, go out and collect your protection money, and other crime boss-related tasks.

If there is one portion of the game that is not absolutely shining, it would have to be the new police wanted system in the game. Unfortunately, in this version there are two ways for the police to get to you.

First off, there are circles that are shown that actually show the area that the policemen can go to search for you. Leave those, and youÂ’ll be left alone, eventually. The other way that they can get you is by the exterior of the map turning white and then filling up with a red bar, which indicates that they are closing in on you. You need to escape from them before the bar fills up, or they have closed in around you and you essentially lose, although it doesn't make you restart. The game could have done without this particular feature.

All told, Scarface The World is Yours is an excellent sandbox-style of game for the Wii, which has precious few like it.