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I was really excited when I got this game. Sadly, my excitement quickly died and felt that I wasted a lot of my time. So this game is spy thriller with big crime bosses, a global conspiracy and corporate greed. Sounds pretty cool, which is why I bought it. You are Michael Thorton and you play an agent who is supposed to change the events of a global event. It is even set in real world cities like Rome, Taipei, and even Moscow.

You are going to be using rifles, shotguns, SMG's, bullet proof vest, etc. Not your typical RPG in retrospect. However, there is a conversational system where you can make important choices. The choices in turn can decide if other characters live or die. Along with that there are a bunch of characters that you can decide if you want to settle beefs with them the hard way or the nice way. The level of customization isn't bad by any means at all, but the characters are pure crap.

I mean don't get me wrong a good RPG will have a good storyline and plot like this one does. However, the characters don't really seem to come to life at all. In fact, it is pretty stereotypical and I found myself not caring one bit about the characters. Some of the characters cuss, scream and seem to have no real emotions at all. They are just there for the sake of being there, AHHHH HAAAA.

The main character Thorton can be entertaining if you choose some questionable reactions. But, for the most part when this game tries to be all serious and stuff it is a snore. When they try to make something humorous it is like watching a really really bad stand up comic.

You almost feel bad for them and laugh. You know what I mean? So once you get out of your safe house and are ready to get into the combat you will just wish you quit in the safe house. What do I mean? The AI is not the smartest AI you will ever come across. You will fire away at your enemies only to be left ducking and covering to regain your health. I found that enemies would go right past me as I ducked and covered making the game feel simply weird. I ducked and you can't find me now. I am pretty sure my 3 year old would be able to find me if I ducked.

The enemies just seem to be no fun at all. No challenge you can easily get through the game, provided you have the patients to actually see it through until the end. I didn't because it just simply falls apart as you get into the combat mode. I would avoid this game unless you just happen to like putting your money down the toilet.