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CSI: Hard Evidence is a point-and-click style of adventure, similar to the old Myst adventure games. This game differs in a number of ways, however, from those archaic games. First off, you will be exploring through all kind of different crime scenes, so it helps to have a keen eye, and also know a little bit what it is that you’ll be looking for. Even if you don’t, though, and you just wave the cursor over the area, clues are edged in green when you position the cursor over them, so you can easily pick up what is important in a room.

Additionally, you will sometimes have to interrogate suspects, as well as interview them, to find important points. The conversation system consists of clicking on one of two different choices of questions to ask the person, and you can always ask the second question if you like. It seems kind of silly and useless, but it’s there, nonetheless. Considering that police agencies often consider acquiring a confession to be one of the most important things that their agency does, you would think it would have a larger place in the game, but it doesn’t.

Once you’ve acquired some clues, you take them back to the laboratory, where six different machines exist to help you perform pertinent tests on your clues. It is here that you will get the answers you need to help you solve the case, even if it’s not in the most difficult or glamorous way possible. At least it’s been improved in this version of a CSI game. An earlier version of a CSI game had the lab, but it was more difficult to handle and analyze the evidence. This improvement shows that the makers of the game are trying, if not extremely hard.

Even though the graphics for this game are quite low in quality, and the gameplay is somewhat lacking in exciting play, there are elements to this game that make it worth playing. Since you’re solving a murder case, once you get into it you find yourself wanting to keep going, just to find out who the killer is and see them locked away. That’s just for the one mission though; then you can walk away. But you don’t, you select the next murder mystery and try to solve it. In that way, this game is a complete success. It has you playing, trying to figure out Whodunit?