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Well let me start by saying you are going to get 5 whole games in this set. The games that are included are original Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2: Episode One, Half-Life 2: Episode Two, Portal and Team Fortress 2. If you are new to Half Life it is a first person shooter. ne thing that is really unique about Half-Life is you view the entire game through Gordon's eyes but he doesn't ever have one scripted word.

Ok, so the plot for Half Life 2 is this; you play as Gordon Freeman a couple years after the events of the Black Mesa. This events unfolded in the first game, if you never played this before you should get the general idea. But, the earth has been overrun my Combines, which are alien forces.

There are ton of guns you can enjoy including the pistol and shotgun, but they are enhanced with some tools; the most popular is the gravity gun. This is used for free environmental manipulation. So Half Life is known for its interactive gameplay. For instance, you can shoot gas tanks to blow a handful of enemies up without using many bullets. Or if you see a saw blade lying on the floor then why not take it and throw it at someone.

While the enemies have really remained unchanged for as long as I can remember you will meet Alyx Vance is which fights alongside of you in Half Life 2. Guess what this is computer control companion that really holds her own. She will mow enemies down with bullets and even cover you and snipe enemies.

Another great game that is thrown into the mix is Portal. It is more of a puzzle solving game. You will use a portal gun to shoot at two different spots on the wall or floor (for example) and then walk through them. It will always go somewhere and up to you to decide how you want to navigate through the game. Believe me you will use your imagination and the replay is incredible.

Team Fortress 2 is fun and a exciting way to play with a friend. You can pick from a bunch of different classes. Each has their own special abilities. There are 6 different maps, and each one has its objectives for you to accomplish. Don't get me wrong it is not Halo 3, but it is really fun.

A couple things to note is the driving in these games are horrible. I blame it on the control setup which in my opinion could have been fixed rather easily. Aside from that bad driving controls there are couple glitches in the gameplay which don't always perform as they did on the 360. Also, it is a lot slower paced than Halo 3, so don't think you are going to have tons of fast gameplay.

Still an awesome game even with a couple bugs and everything. You are essentially getting 5 games for the price of one. The story is good and you will get a lot of gameplay out of this game, though.