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The main character of the game is Yuri who is a real headache and oftentimes making troubles. In the story he lives in one of the sections in the Capital’s lower portion. In their town they have a blastia which provides them with everything they need about magic such as monster protectors and magical weapons. But someone steals the heart of the blastia and this greatly affects the town’s flow of drinking water.

Yuri decided to set a mission to follow the thief but in doing so he found himself being involved in different issues in their town. He travel in deserts and forests with his dog named Repede who is responsible for recruiting friends that go with them. As they go along, the cast of the heart of blastia mission is slowly forming. There is the innocent castle noble named Estelle and the full of drama, magic discoverer named Rita. All the member of the mission had different qualities and character which makes it an interesting team.

The game has focus on details even in the end part of every battle such as the celebration. The creator truly pays attention to every little detail. The translation is good and able to really express the emotions of the characters. With the aid of head captions the players can easily catch up and they can also select if they want to read it or not. The emotions were clearly manifested. To those new players they might find the 2D feature not blending with background but the scripts are full of humor and the story is continuously provided.

The setting and art of the game is its primary feature. The drawings are clean but with attention to details. But the wonderful setting and story are not the only good advantage of the game but also the gaming experiences are worth it. It is surely a long game to end but it constantly provides good fights and not so small town settings. The player can also choose the character of his choice, modify the character members or control the actions of the members.

Some of the game plays of other tale games are incorporated in the Tales of Vesperia. There are puzzles added to the games. The Tales of Vesperia can be closely the same with the other Tales but it surely advance in terms of settings, characters and game plays. The game only proves that even the classic games can still cope up with the time to time evolution of game consoles and will surely exceed any one’s expectation from a RPG game.