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Command and Conquer 3: Kane’s Wrath is fun, has tons of things to play and a lot of variety to enjoy. Unfortunately, the disjointed effect of the game is very unsatisfactory and the overall feeling of disappointment leaves a bad taste in the mouth for this could have been so much better. The right elements are there, but the lack of follow up from the part of the developers is a pity. This game could have been greater instead it came out mediocre.

Compared to its predecessor, Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars, the improvements made on Kane’s Wrath did nothing to improve the game’s core. Yes, there are still the terrific fights, the planning and the explosions and yet it leaves one hanging free and unsatisfied. For one thing, the story line is ridiculously elementary. It jumps around without any reason why, and the shift of perspective is astoundingly strange.

Once the gamer gets into the battlefield, there is a lot of action. Lots of explosions, lots of gore, lots of destruction and lots more. But in the end, it is anti-climactic and it is really surprising how this can be so. I still can’t quite wrap my head around how incredibly lackluster the whole game turned out to be. Yes it was fun, but there is that big question mark.

There is the global conquest campaign where the gamer gets to have a chance to try out something different. Here, the real time battles are played out and optimized. The global map sets a good setting for fighting out who gets to carve out their territories successfully. The multiplayer mode is really the best feature of Kane’s Wrath and the gamer gets the opportunity to fight out to the best of their abilities or else get massacred in the process. There are super units which have been added in which can help out should there be an impasse. It's quite surprising to see a war machine that looks much like an insect and a humongous tank rampage across the battlefield killing and knocking down structures. That is great help and it can take the gamer out of a messy situation.

Graphically, they are sharp and the presentation is obviously good. But the storyline being chaotic and disjointed, makes the lasting appeal not so long. It’s great for six or eight hours of gameplay and there are a lot of multiplayer games to tide the player. However, the sound is effective enough but nothing to drool over, the gameplay is okay, but feels old school.

Basically, Kane’s Wrath is an old game set in new technology and although there are many of the older generation who may like the feel, the new generation definitely can cringe and get anxious. There is just not enough to interest the many, although it starts out well enough. For those who are looking for something exciting and innovative, this is not the right game to indulge in.