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For millennia, man has dreamed of zooming through the air like a bird or much recently, like a superhero. The idea behind a jet-pack strapped to the back as the means to this propulsion and flight has initiated a lot of research which has until now not given any satisfying results. Even if the dream hangs on but the reality fails, man still dreams of that jet pack flight.

This is the thrill of Dark Void where the character is seen zooming through the air and fights the baddies in the form of aliens and other creatures. The game lasts about eight hours and there is no multiplayer mode available, playing alone can be quite disappointing in the long haul. It does not help that most of the time, the jet pack is not even used.

There is a lot of versatility to this game, like the flying and zooming, to the shooting and trekking. Then the flying itself can be tricky to control, but once the player gets more and more familiar with the controls, it soon gets easier and easier. But while learning to fly, the usual bad take off and crashing on landing is to be expected. After getting really good at the zooming, the gamer can effectively battle the UFOs which are also just as maneuverable as the flying character.

There is a lot of action, that is definite, but the appeal for the gamers was in the flying with the jetpack strapped on the back. The developers however, decided that this should be overshadowed by other acts of defense like running, jumping, shooting, the usual thing in the basic shoot 'em and kill 'em games marketed all over the place. It is true that this is a thrilling game, but it just falls short of the expectations, and that is the sad part.

The downfall of the game is really not making it possible to play with friends so competitions and aerial combat between players can be performed. The adventure is thrilling for a while but because of the length involved it can soon become tedious. But there is no denying it, this game is fun to play, up to a certain point, and then disinterest can set in rapidly.

Playing alone for a long time can also start off as fun but eventually the interest wanes and soon boredom can set in. Even though this is an exciting game, it still needs a lot of improvement, hopefully on the multiplayer modes.