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The game is an online-only shooter, and boasts seven large maps sprinkled with terrain features such as ambush zones and crossfire positions. Some of these maps are revisits to earlier SOCOM levels, and are recreated appropriately. There are seven different game modes, as well, that are similar to usual shooter modes like team deathmatch, and domination. Hosts get to select a number of different options regarding matches, allowing for different styles of matches from different hosts.

There are a number of different weapons and settings that players can set for their character. Players can choose primary and secondary weapons, and equip themselves with additional equipment if they would like. They can also modify their weapons to improve the statistics associated with it, and add body armor to protect their characters from enemy fire. The system for controlling the amount of equipment characters can carry slows them down as they pack more on. This puts players into the position of deciding what best to bring in every situation to support how they play. It’s an interesting spin that results in you refining your load-out until it works best for you.

There is also the use of the Six-axis controller to directly affect your positioning. If you need to peek around a corner, you can turn the controller and your character will just move their head and shoulders and be free to take a shot, or duck their head back. Characters can also duck their head up over cover, or drop down to the deck, all by using the Six-axis to control their actions. It’s an interesting feature that comes in handy in a third-person shooter.

Despite the interesting gameplay elements that Confrontation brings to the table, there are issues relating to it that make it very difficult to recommend. These issues have to do with it being an online-only game, but the online play being fraught with such problems as dropped matches, disconnecting from games, being unable to join games, joining games as a spectator, unable to play, enemies flicking around the map, and incessant lag. These problems are something that you would think Sony would take care of before they released their game, but they didn’t, and it’s unfortunate.

With all that SOCOM: Confrontation has at its back, from the venerable history and large player base, to the innovative new gameplay, it has the potential to be a fantastic game. If Sony can fix the issues relating to the online play, its only component, then it could be a lot of fun for gamers all over.