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The popular first-person shooter game is really far from getting stagnant such as Left 4 Dead. Yet, besides the promise of up-coming games, there is so much more to expect that just butting down corridors and spraying bullets. And there are also some game play that leaves you disinterested and not wanting for more. This is seemingly the case with Secret Service, which definitely fails to entertain gamers the way they want.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Secret Service is just the release date. Why? Because in early, November 2008, just in time the game hit store, the Presidential election is brewing. Yes, it may seem it had all the association it might need with the event, it did not really find pleasure as the game has been put to really bad taste. Rather, it is a crude mess with a lot of conspiracy plot that falls on the level of ridiculous exploitation of the character, Jack Bauer.

You will graze through a wave of terrorists after terrorists in such as locations as the White House, Lincoln Memorial, etc. And as you go through, Secret Service pushes you to reload more and shot more instead of using a stun gun.

Moreover, examining the PC and Xbox 360 version will give you a very frustrating experience. It could be a budget-priced shooter but the expectation set by the game developer does not have to be so bland. Throughout the game, you will be involved in helicopter shooting sequence, sniping challenges, and a lot of closet-type scenes from where you can expect a number of enemies upon entering. In fact, in many cases, you will find your character stuck on the same challenges frequently, which is not very entertaining.

On the other hand, opponents do show some intelligence degree as they step back and forth. Then you plan to charge your position, and run cover. Secret Service can really be that predictable. Other similar genre of the game includes different hacking mini-games, e.g. BioShock, that come in vanilla shooting action. From which case you will be forced to switch about circuitry tiles rather than pipes. Not much to it, right?

There is also frequent shooting in Secret Service than you can ever imagine. The game endeavors to keep things different through the addition of sentry turrets, bomb detection by using laser, night vision sequences, and the oftentimes irritating deactivation sequence. However, none of these is really interesting and original.

As for audio quality, you will definitely notice the forced and awkward acting. Its music so fails to enhance not a thing to your senses but your itch to shut your Xbox or PC down. While it is a matter-of-fact that Secret Service can function for as long as there are patient people playing it, Cauldron’s efforts for having the developed the game will not go to waste.