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Who would have ever thought that a game with the title of Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust would be good, even mediocre. This is a total bust from the title alone. Makes one wonder why the developers wasted time and money on this thing. To add insult to injury, the game costs $20!

Okay, first off, the language belongs in an erotica eBook which should be rated X from the very beginning. PARENTS BEWARE! Whoever wrote the script is no erotica writer that is for sure, Stormy Glenn roll your eyes! The script is clearly written by someone who is intensely intimate with the Adult Sites online and porn movies which litter it. Clearly, what were the developers thinking?

Why should parents beware? Look at the graphic! They are all obviously geared for the younger players with the sweet animated look that is a clear disguise of the unseemly language spewing out of the lovely character’s mouths. Pedo much? More bad news, the game which should never have been is a really, really, really, to the Nth degree long. Why?

Now, for the gameplay: why was this even developed? The missions are really bad, the plot is worse, the sequences tedious, the whatevers just plain silly. This insults Hollywood to the max that is how I found it. No producer would ever be this stupid to back a plot this mediocre. Even the challenges are not challenges at all. And really, that is the worst part. Obviously this game is an adult version of a kindergarten game, and that is the sad part.

The developers must have also cut the budget on the design of the characters. The drawings look incomplete and seem to be hastily drawn by amateurs not worthy of the label graphic artists. Obviously, this game has been developed for no purpose whatsoever but to make the buyer lose money on a really bad game.

It makes this writer wonder, after suffering through several hours of video game torture, how much money was wasted on the development of this thing. As a game, forcibly I have to make an honest review, and from the first nasty language spewed out of caricatures of Jessica Rabbit, I have to admit that this left a really sour taste in the mouth as well as endless nightmares.

Without a doubt, Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust is a real good and honest example of a bust. It should never have been, but because it was, it had to be played and reviewed. Honestly readers, keep you $20, this game is surely not worthy of a second glance. And make sure to throw it out in the garbage where the kids won’t have a chance to play with it.