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Resident Evil 6 is a third-person shooter which is aimed at players who enjoy a horror type scenario, and is the latest installment in the Resident Evil series. In this new release you take on the roles of various characters within the game, some of these include, Chris Redfield, Leon S. Kennedy, and Jake Muller, three of the seven characters at your disposal. During the game you must confront the forces behind a massive bio-terrorist attack and take on hordes of Zombies and the latest arrival of the J'avo, as you fight to stop the outbreak in this ultimate horror experience.

The game offers up to three scenarios with connected storylines which are unique and have their own style which is something I have not seen before in the Resident Evil games. There is also the option of allowing online players to join you during the missions. Unlike previous Resident Evil titles they have introduced health tablets where you can restore health with a simple click of a button.

Various weapons can be obtained throughout the game, and changing weapons can be done with relative ease, some of these weapons include, Knives, Bear Commander, Wing Shooter, Elephant Killer and Rocket Launchers. However some of these weapons can only be attained and used during certain missions. For instance the Rocket Launcher can be used on select missions and is only available in certain parts of the game.

A little about the J’avo, members of this new race are harder to kill than the old style Zombies which you see in the previous Resident Evil. The J’avo are much smarter, they plan and interact with one another in order to carry out an attack, they also have the ability to heal themselves.

This game is certainly on a par with other Resident Evil titles that have preceded it, bone chilling effects, heart racing scenes, those who like this type of game will find much enjoyment here with the added bonus being the use of multiple stories and characters and their interactions which makes this one of the best i've played in this series.