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The Sims 3 for the 3DS offers a brand new experience for those that are used to the PC version and those on other platforms. The Sims 3 is new to a 3D platform and features many changes from the original series. This game is a life simulation that can keep players engrossed for many hours because of the many different things they are able to do.

The game features the same storylines as in previous games, each player gets the choice to make their own character and customize them however takes their fancy. The player has a choice of gender, clothing, age, and so on. The story is whatever the player wants it to be, Sims 3 gives players the complete freedom to live their Sims lives in whatever way they want, so that if they do not want their Sims to work and get married and live a conventional life, they can opt out of the mainstream activities and be a little unconventional.

The Sims 3 does have some new features that were never previously present. These include a karma system, new jobs, WiFi capability, a facial recognition feature, and challenge completion. The Karma system offers players new ways to gain or lose abilities that range from shooting fireballs, making ghosts, speeding up the time it takes to gain skills. Players can choose to have their Sims gain points in either good karma or bad karma, the choice is up to them. Some of the new jobs on offer are rockstar, world leader, and master thief. By using wifi, players can now trade their Sims with other players and vice versa. This last feature is different from previous versions, but it is similar to that of the Sims Exchange in the PC version of the game. The facial recognition for The Sims 3 features something completely new to the whole series and allows players to upload pictures of whoever they want to make into a Sim character. The 3DS works with the game to map out the face so players can easily make the changes to their Sims to match the person whose face they want to copy or caricature.

There is also have the ability to compete in a series of challenges. This is a brand new system that provides players with certain rewards after every challenge is complete, like unlocking new buildings, items, clothing, and much more. These tasks can range from fixing a sink to making a new friend. The game lets players travel to new locations that were not previously released on other DS versions of the game. This allows players to not only travel to a neighbor's house, but also to such places as shops or clubs.

Through all these features Sims 3 achieves its aim of giving the player the opportunity to live a second life by virtue of their Sims, this life of course will be very different to their usual real life, their Sims may even play video games.