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Coming up with a plan and executing it at full strength is a top priority. Sounds like there’s a brewing war, right? The video game Apache: Air Assault, as you would have surmised, is a battlefield game. Shoot the targets and enemies perish. The game is all about the feeling of victory after you annihilate the enemies, since handling the AH-64 Apache isn’t such the easy feat it seems. Gajin Entertainment, the game developer, has created a fantastic game that focuses on helicopter combat simulation that focuses on strategy, style and tactics. Now, are you ready to ride the AH-64 Apache?

There are two modes with varying degrees of difficulty in the game, namely the Training and the Realistic modes, both designed to gauge your capability in flying the helicopter during combat. The Training mode approach is more on providing you with assistance. When you are shot down, you get respawned automatically to continue blasting the enemies. This mode is especially suitable for new players, basically to get them acclimatized with the video game faster and more easily. On the other hand, things get a bit more difficult and challenging when you get to the Realistic mode. Here, you’d be dealing with more helicopter maneuvers away from danger while still keeping the pace of firing at your enemies.

Needless to say, the two modes are vastly different, in a sense. The Training mode functions in an arcade style, which further restricts your movements and is really quite annoying. It feels like the helicopter is struggling to fly even in the most straightforward tasks, say when trying to gain altitude or fly over mountains. Now imagine how difficult it is in air-to-air combat! In the Realistic mode, movements are much more free-flowing; thus, more enjoyable. An auto-hover function has even been added to conveniently put you on the right track in a jiffy. Once you get the hang of it, you can do some sensational maneuvers that you don’t have the capability of doing in the Training mode – no sweat!

Let’s go to combat, which is more of a premeditated confrontation in the Realistic mode. You’ve got to have plans to maximize your limited ammunition (heat-seeking missiles) while also mastering the art of evading the volley of bullets and missiles if you want to survive – make no mistake the enemy helicopters are quite accurate in hitting you! This kind of challenge you cannot find in the Training mode, as you probably guessed; the enemies in the Training mode are a little bit “shy” in gunning you down.

Upon finishing the Realistic mode, you get to play a bonus round in the Veteran mode; quite exaggerated really and only suitable to game addicts. In this mode, you get limited lives with limited ammos but unlimited enemy bullets, missiles and aircrafts.

One great thing about this video game is that the helicopters have been effectively developed to depict and convey the appearance of authentic war birds. The game boasts of remarkable realistic images to give you a total feel, including cockpit instruments and helipads. With the astounding sound effects that the game also provides, you definitely get one hell of a ride!

The game may be played by two players playing as pilot and co-pilot in the Cooperative mode, where your buddy plays as the gunner while you focus on flying the helicopter. Now, that makes the game more interesting and enjoyable. You and your mate must establish a real connection to synchronize your moves better and you’d definitely be dominating the battlefield in no time at all. Your expertise as a team allows you to level up to the customizable Mission mode. This is where you can fully test your abilities and coordination skills. Another option once you’ve mastered these Apache skills is to take the game online.

The only glaring negative aspect of the game is the aged storyline that has seen better days, in a manner of speaking. It has been recycled from past helicopter video games where pilots have been caught by terrorists or get trapped in a distressed situation with drug cartels, and the likes. In the general perspective, the game also suffers from a minor glitch of failing to establish the real essence of the storyline.

By and large, however, Apache: Air Assault ultimately delivers a very exciting, and breathtaking experience any gamer would love to have in a game.