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Assassins Creed Revelations is a great installment in the series. It features an extremely detailed 15th-century Constantinople, and incredibly detailed environments, civilizations, forest and mountains. The gameplay is extremely smooth and free flowing, and so is the world as it rarely restricts you. You are free to climb on any building or dive into any haystack you please!

Assassins Creed features quite a compelling story of Ezio, his third and final chapter. As well as Sofia, as they seem to fall in love despite of all the killing Ezio is busy doing. They do a really good job showing the growing affection between the two and you will clearly feel them falling for each other. Unlike other games, the cinematics in this game are extremely well done and put together, no longer clunky and bland. The games visuals have received quite a nice improvement over its predecessor as well.

Revelations is similar to its previous games in that, a lot of the missions involve you stalking and killing prey, or meeting different targets to get information on other targets you are trying to kill. A big part of the game is when Ezio discovers clues and keys to the library of Altair. This is where the "dungeon" scenes come into play. Many parts of the game will also feature Altair himself, and players will get the chance to experience some moments in Altair's life. The different stories add a refreshing take to the game, keeping it interesting and appealing.

On the combat side, Revelations features ton of free flowing tricks and stunts, allowing you to move freely and gracefully around the area. You also have direct access to secondary weapons, in addition to primary ones. In old games you would go out and take over an enemy base, but in this game, enemies will attempt to take their bases back. Its a new and well done feature implemented in this title.

The multiplayer in Revelations has a very wide range of customization options and game modes that will keep you occupied for a long time. There is a brand new story mode that you can unlock scene by scene in the multiplayer game modes. The game modes offer a wide array of ways to kill, from stealthy stalking, to frantic killing and chasing. The maps are unfortunately small, and this makes the modes a little less intense than they could be with more expansive maps.

Revelations all in all is still very much like its predecessors. It offers a great lead character, a visually compelling story line, with great story telling. All these great things help make this a memorable finale to the series. The updated graphics and new features such as direct access to all you weapons, including secondary ones, the extremely fun and very diverse multiplayer features all help to makes this the best Assassins Creed that has come out yet. If you have been following the Assassins Creed story, be sure to pick this game up, because hey, you owe it to yourself!