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The game is somewhat fascinating upon thinking that although you are not enrolled in any med school; you can check up the blood pressure of a person or even replace their kidneys, which is one of the best parts. The game is a five-episode story arc where every episode is divided into acts, and each act is divided into multiple scenes. One of its mini games is played by picking the same type of 3 objects next to each other three times over. This will be necessary the moment you start playing the game and it asks you to make a decision.

There is also a type of mini game where arranging of a set of arrows is needed on the map of the hospital so that a certain character will be able to go to a destination automatically. Within the game small uneven red blocks are getting in the way and wandering around which you have to avoid in order to survive the game and not be able to waste a life. This obstacle made the mini game challenging and fun at the same time. It's sort of like the game Pac-Man but only you are aiming to arrange the arrows and not to eat all the dots sort of thing.

The game does have lots of mini games and at times it does feel like stuffing, some of it becomes monotonous, unimportant and even silly. It become a hindrance in playing the game in a fast pace since each scene often has a mini game on it every minute. When you failed 5 times you have to restart the whole scene which made it a hassle. This game is much easier and fun to play if you have the Wii and even in DS. As of using a Wiimote, the game is more enjoyable because you are able to freely move your hand as if you are really doing the job that the game is asking you to do so.

DS is also good but some slicing scenes are not available in this version. Though the voices are not really dabbed by the real actors in the show, professional voice actors were hired to imitate their voices. Some of the fans are thrilled yet some do not totally approve on the created video game Grey's Anatomy.