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Just Dance Disney is another installment in the successful just dance series for the Wii gaming system. Ideal for young and old alike, all the favorite Disney character are here. Learn dance moves with top Disney stars and movie characters, and have a ball doing so.

The developers of games in the dance and sing genre must soon run out of fresh ideas, after all there surely must be a limit to how many ways you can dress up what is basically the same game and present it as in some way being new. that said at least this take on the games is welcome as it features some of the best cartoon characters around, coming as they do from the marvelous, Disney stable.

Although some of the older Disney characters do have a certain depth and possess a subtle humor, thus appealing to an older generation, this take on the Disney creations will be mostly of interest to children who will get a kick from dancing along with Stitch, Bolt, Ariel. The dance moves are simple enough for even the youngest Disney fan to dance along, and the game will put them in the action and scenery of their favorite Disney movies and shows. Whether they want to dance among the coral reefs with Ariel, or go to the ball with Cinderella, or simply do the Squirrels in my pants dance with Candace from Phineas and Ferb, it is all there in one convenient format. The dance moves are easily learned through step by step instructions, and the characters walk players through the routines, slowly and gradually increasing the difficulty and speed until the player is able to master, and put together, a wide variety of steps.

This is sure to be a hit with experienced and non experienced gamers alike. Whether proficiency in the gaming world is acquired or being worked on, all are sure to love the interactive features and the ability to become absorbed in a new and exciting world. It may be a basic dancing game, but the graphics and sound track make up for any lacking in complicated game formats.

To sum it up in very few words, the concept is very simple and based upon some of the best cartoon and animated characters ever to hit the screen. If you like Disney and like to dance, or if you just like Disney, you will like this game even if it is only to see some of Disney's best loved creations.