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Kid Icarus Uprising for the 3DS is best described as extremely well put together, combining great graphics with engaging gameplay. The game was released March 23 of 2012, and marks the first franchise title in the last 20 years. Newer gamers will recognize the main character, Pit, from Super Smash Brothers Brawl, but it's been awhile since the last Kid Icarus title, which debuted on the NES. Coupling an immersive 12-hour campaign with two different styles of great gaming, Kid Icarus is a success in all but a couple ways. The multiplayer is certainly not the best, and it sometimes seems the game is doing too much at once. It was released to widespread critical acclaim. Metacritic gave it aggregate scores of 83/100 and 86/100 from professional critics and player reviews respectively, and it earned a notable 9.5/10 from Nintendo Power.

The campaign is a joy to behold. The graphics are excellent; some of the best to be found on the 3DS handheld. The music was also one of the best written on any 3DS game. Not to mention the 12 hour campaign that is packed full of constant action and immersive storytelling. Missions last around 10 minutes each, which gives the distinct feeling that the makers of Kid Icarus knew exactly how to give just enough without making things drag on. Each mission has multiple checkpoints, as well. Characters in the game will keep up a steady dialogue that will keep you entertained as well as filling in important plot information, and with over 300 achievements and unlockables you're certain to be at it for awhile. The campaign has enough twists to keep your head spinning.

Kid Icarus Uprising features two different styles of gameplay; the flying missions are a on-the-rails shooter that is reminiscent of Star Fox titles (but better), and on the ground you have a third-person action game.

It couldn't have done better in the air; gameplay feels just right, and on the higher difficulties it'll be truly challenging. You zoom along at a pace that seems breakneck and leaves you in control all at once, despite the fact that you can't control the speed you move forward at.

On the ground, things aren't so bad either, especially with the many different shooting and melee weapons you can equip. IGN and others have faulted the game's control scheme, saying they should have made dual-stick control possible, but the truth is that it is perfect just the way it is. The control scheme is nearly completely customization, so it's easy to find the button combination that works right for you. It can seem fast paced and overwhelming at times, but toning down the difficulty until you're used to the speed should fix that.

Kid Icarus: Uprising is, overall, a marvelous success on nearly every level. It has great music, great graphics and an engaging campaign. Despite a sub-par multiplayer and control setup that many seem to find fault with, the 300 unlockables will keep you coming back for more and more in this addictive title.