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LEGO Star Wars 3 The Clone Wars is the most recent installment of the LEGO Star Wars franchise. This game takes pieces from the Star Wars movies and timeline as well as the Star Wars The Clone Wars cartoon series. LEGO Star Wars 3 mainly draws inspiration from the television series, which is set in between Star Wars Episode II and III. Blended into one universe you play through the journey as your favorite Star Wars characters as if they were legos. This game was developed by Traveller's Tales and produced by Lucas Arts. This action adventure and platform game features both single and multiplayer capabilities and is fun for younger audiences who are also fans of the Star Wars series.

This game is played just like the rest of the Lego Star Wars games. You venture off with up to two players choosing from a variety of characters to fight off the forces of evil, solve puzzles and test your reflexes through each level you progress through. LEGO Star Wars 3 also has some real time strategy additions to the game where you get to control armies in battle. Throughout most of the game you are fighting on foot, but there are some instances where you do find yourself controlling large units in the middle of a fight.

The latest installment has improved graphics from the previous versions of the games, and gameplay is a bit more fluid. There are new combat modes and there is also a gameplay addition of Story Swap mode. This game has split screen combat and has many improvements in the actually fighting aspect of the game. You can now literally land your vehicles in the heat of combat and join in the fray. If you are looking for action then this game delivers. LEGO Star Wars 3 has both puzzles and action packed scenes keeping you on your toes with plenty of mini quests to boot.

The game was received fairly well in the video gaming world. Even though this game is intended for younger audiences veteran gamers can appreciate the gameplay and puzzle solving aspects of the game. This game is genuinely fun and is best suited for family use. The action scenes along with variety of puzzles available boggle your mind to make you constantly think about everything that is taking place around you. If you are a fan of the Lego Star Wars franchise then LEGO Star Wars 3 The Clone Wars is worth the play.