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Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor's Edge for the Wii U is another installment of the Ninja Gaiden series and takes place after Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. The storyline features a lot of action and includes stories from both the point of view of the main character and his sidekick.

The story feature the master ninja, Ryu Hayabusa and look in depth into his character Ryu as he fights off the curse of the "Grip of Murder". Ryu becomes the main focus as a cult of alchemists try to destroy the world and create a new one by using Ryu as a sacrifice. Ayane gets her own storyline and is added in with the use of cutscenes.

Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor's Edge uses the Wii U Gamepad to change weapons, view the character information, and to perform Ninpo. Control can also be performed by using the touchscreen if the player wants to opt for it, but they do not have to use it if they do not want to. Things that players liked in the earlier games in the series are brought back, such as decapitation and dismemberment. Players can also choose between four different modes to start off in these being easy, normal, hard, and hero mode.

The game also features new abilities to the series such as the ability to have Dual Katanas and Lunar Staff. Players can upgrade their weapons by using the "Karma Counter" as in previous games. These Karma points can be used to upgrade their weapons like Ninpo spells, characteristics like health bar extensions, and special attacks. Players are also able to fight brand new enemies and experience battling on new grounds.

Razor's Edge offers a new online co op mode that lets players have the choice of using a new character, Ayane, a female ninja. She has the same moves that she normally does in Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 and will allow for the addition of cutscenes if the player decides to use her. This mode also provides competitiveness for players by featuring new modes that set up to 8 players against each other or they can work together.

Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor's Edge keeps to all the strengths and controls of the series which are popular with existing fans but offers easy enough gameplay for newcomers to absorb.