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Nintendogs + Cats: Toy Poodle and New Friends is used to play on the 3DS with many new options and better graphics than before. This new Nintendogs extension now includes friendly felines. There are new personalities, looks, features, and actions to bring the animals to life. Each cat and dog comes in a wide variety of color and breed options. Being able to have various choices is imperative when selecting the right pet for the player of the game. Also, the game has become more personable in being able to use a voice to clearly command the pet in different challenges and new tricks.

Moving on, the number of dogs and breeds and cats and colors are never ending. This specific game allows the option of having either a Toy Poodle, a French Bulldog, and a Golden Retriever. To have more choices, there are other extensions of the game. Being able to select the type of dog or cat that the player wants or knowing what personality they have before hand is key when selecting a pet. The way that the cat or dog reacts when viewing it in the kennel will be key to how it will be playing and acting back at the house. Also, the accessories featured in the game allows for the pet to be geared specifically towards the owner, making the game seem more personable.

Playing on the 3DS brings this game to life with many new features. There is a built in camera that faces the player of the game so that the dog or cat can recognize there owner and depending on the player's reactions to certain situations, the pets can react. The device also allows for a clear voice transfer that can be used to call for the dog or cat, train them, or command theme during competitions and challenges. The pet will recognize the command or their name and happily do what they are told; unless they are the naughty ones!

Having amazing cats and dogs roaming the house is fun and becomes even more enjoyable when they can be shared with others. The new StreetPass and SpotPass featured in the game allows for presents and dogs and cats to be shared with other friends who have the game and a 3DS. Also, with SpotPass, the player can go online and download content such as new accessories or new Mii characters to use on the 3DS.

In the end, Nintendogs + Cats: Toy Poodle and New Friends is a great way to have pets at the flip of a 3DS screen. From features such as new challenges, new accessories, more breeds and different colors the game has become more realistic and individual to the player of the game. The device allows for clear voice commands and a camera for the dog or cat to recognize their owner and react to the player's face, accordingly. The bouncy and happy cat or dog sitting in the kennel comes to life in the simulated game of Nintendogs + Cats: Toy Poodle and New Friends.