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Pro Evolution Soccer has long been one of the leading games in not only the soccer world, but in the gaming world in general as well. Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D 3DS is no exception and is a re-release of Pro Evolution Soccer 2011, but with some slight differences, and was received with generally good reviews, and has proved to be a very successful game.

The first thing to note when playing this particular game for the first time is the fact that it is played a lot differently from other Pro Evolution Soccer games. Instead of the camera being above the field, and showing all the players, the camera is more at a first person angle behind the player which you are controlling. The camera then moves from player to player, depending on where the ball is.

One of the new features of this game is called total control. This enhances the realism of the gameplay, which is shown through an enhanced pass ratio, and better controls over each on pitch move. Furthermore, there is now a Shot and Stamina Gauge which shows the stamina of a player and allowing this to fall has the effect of a reduction in all round performance leading to poor quality passes, inability to sprint as fast as before and other tell tale signs.

A number of defensive features have also been added to the gameplay. Firstly, New Defender AI has been introduced, which is allows players hold their position more sensibly and no longer automatically chase balls that enter their area. This greatly enhances the realism of the on field play. Another defensive feature that has been added to the gameplay is improved goalkeeping features, giving users more control over their goalkeepers actions, which results in more accuracy in the attempts to make saves.

A number of other cosmetic and movement features have been added to enhance the look and playing style of the team. Players on the pitch now look a lot more realistic during gameplay, and movements are more natural and fluid. The pace of the players is more realistic, the speeds of the game varies, and it is harder to make a run from the middle of the field as it is the real game. Furthermore, the facial features of the players look better.

Tactical and Strategy is a feature newly added to the game that gives users a much better management experience before the game starts. Users can select the formation that they want their team to use and they can make changes in tactics and substitutions.

Overall, Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D for the 3DS is a great addition to the Pro Evolution Soccer franchise. It provides interesting new features, and takes a step forward in gameplay. It is also looks better and is more realistically. No massive changes but a welcome improvement to an already passable series