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The Amazing Spider-Man breathed big screen life back into everyone's favorite wall-crawler as a reboot that was less gritty than it was creative and clever. Going back before Mary Jane, it was only a matter of time until the film launched a new series of video game titles. With The Amazing Spider-Man on the Nintendo 3DS, players can get back to web slinging and crime fighting with a new, rejuvenated hero, world and even mechanical gameplay package.

What Makes the 3DS Version Different?

If there was ever a hero made for a 3D game mechanic, it's Spider-Man. Taking its cue from previous games featuring the wall crawler, the game allows players to traverse vast environments through web-slinging. Using the most acrobatic moves a handheld game system could support, The Amazing Spider-Man gains depth and perspective from the 3D in ways that many other games that have been featured on the 3DS simply don't. However, with that said, there still aren't many differences between this version of the game and others that have been put onto handheld platforms.

A Rich, Comic Book World

For fans of both the movie and the comics, The Amazing Spider-Man picks up right where the credits left off. Peter Parker has grown into his role as the costumed crime fighter, and his rogues gallery is only getting bigger. What started with the Lizard only grows, featuring such classic villains as The Rhino and The Scorpion, all of whom are out for Spider-Man's blood. Players have to use all of the spider powers, as well as wall-crawling, web-slinging and unique combo moves to bring down the bigger, stronger enemies that are going to come their way. Of course it's all in a days work for your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

Adjusting to Handheld

While The Amazing Spider-Man was originally put out for full sized console gaming, the Nintendo 3DS version hasn't lost much in the way of gameplay. It does take a little bit of adjustment in controls and settings, but players that use the Nintendo 3DS are used to that by this point in the game (so to speak). Once players adjust to seeing Spidey in 3D, and they re-master all of the slick moves that The Amazing Spider-Man offers, it's just a matter of combinations and timing to get through some of the meanest, toughest streets in a New York positively infested with meta humans.

Worth the Cost of 3DS?

On the one hand, there's nothing wrong with the versions of The Amazing Spider-Man that don't have the 3DS technology. Those games are still fun and functional, and players can have a very good time with them. On the other hand, there's nothing quite like playing The Amazing Spider-Man in 3D. Even with the comic book plots, the epic fight scenes and the great plot, the game is at least partially about spectacle. Because of that, it just isn't the same to soar, dive, punch, kick and super hero your way across New York in 2D.