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Transformers Prime on the Wii U is based on the popular cartoon/movie series. In this game, you need to save planet earth. With the help of the humans (Jack, Raf and Miko) and the giant robot transformers (Optimus Prime and cohorts, the Autobots) you'll take on dastardly Megatron and his evil followers, the Decepticons. You can play solo or multi-player as one of the five possible Autobots. Each level focuses on a different Autobot so you can really experience them all. For example, if you're playing as Arcee, you'll transform into a motorcycle. Like any Transformer, you will be able to switch between being a robot or its alter machine ego quickly. (This will all depend on how you want to fight the Decepticons as its easier to throw punches as a robot).

With the Wii U, you'll use the controls on the side of the handheld device rather than utilize the touchscreen that much. Since the game was designed for its younger fans in mind, it's easy to learn. There are also many online forums where you can pick up hints and even walkthroughs of the game.


Voices are from the show lending the game some nice familiarity and authenticity.

High quality graphics work well in the wii platform.

Will please younger fans who follow the show.


Story is short and game can be defeated in one sitting. (albeit a long sitting)

Designed for the younger crowd. (so how much the family will play together is limited)

Sound and music uninteresting.

In terms of the cons, while an adult maybe able to defeat the game in one sitting, this is clearly a game designed for children and thus, their interest in the story and defeating Megatron will probably last longer than an adult's interest. While the whole family might not play together, this is fun game for kids and their friends who are fans of the show. The ability to play multi-player and online, makes this game fun and interactive for fans of the show to share their knowledge and know how. If the music is uninteresting and the sounds are boring, Megatron is probably defeating you.

Transformers Prime Wii U is rated Pegi 7, that means it's suitable for ages above that. Quite frankly, any 5 year old would probably be able to maneuver this game fairly well with help from an older sibling. While there are many battle scenes (the earth does need to be saved after all) the violence is mild and unrealistic. Kids will revel in being able to transform into their favorite Autobots all the while helping their masterful leader Optimus Prime save the day.

You might want to play one or two rounds yourself, so you can follow what is going on the next time you have to take your child to see a Transformer movie. This game is aimed at the younger generation, as such the gameplay is limited and may not suit everyone.