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If you're looking for a new game to add to your Xbox collection, Epic Mickey, The Power of Two Xbox 360 is a family-friendly choice that everyone will certainly enjoy. With a world of new features, classic Disney music, special player options, and the reintroduction of forgotten Disney characters, Disney Epic Mickey 2 will add a new dimension to your family game nights.

In this new adventure Mickey returns to Wasteland, the Disney themed gameworld, and faces many changes. Wasteland has been shaken apart by world-changing events. Together with Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, the two use their unique tools of environment manipulation (Mickey's magic paint brush and Oswald's remote control) as they work together to restore Wasteland.

While earlier versions of Mickey video games may have been more cartoon-y, you'll find that even your pickiest preteen will want a turn at Disney Epic Mickey 2. All the members in your family will enjoy playing this one as the characters, levels, and graphics are all grown up. Players will forge their own path through Wasteland and be mentally challenged as they work to solve puzzles they are faced with.

One of the most exciting new changes to this game is the ability to play as Mickey himself. This feature was not available in the earlier original version of Disney Epic Mickey. Now your kids can enjoy the adventure through 80 years' worth of theme park attractions and characters via the most popular of all the Disney characters.

The first of its kind, Epic Mickey The Power of Two has been described as a musical. Throughout various points in the game, the characters perform song pieces that provide clues and further the storyline. All music is inspired by Disney originals, providing a wonderful sense of familiarity as players can sing along. As the game progresses, players are also able to make choices that change the music and, enabling them to create a customized soundtrack of sorts.

The new Disney game follows a one-of-a-kind storyline written by an award winning comic book writer. Players are introduced to new characters and reconnected with old ones, all voiced by the official character actors for a fully authentic Disney experience. As the game develops, short clips from various Disney films provide additional clues for Mickey and Oswald.

Video game critics lauded Epic Mickey 2 as an improvement over its predecessor, Disney Epic Mickey. The game is a fresh take on well-known material. The result is that it truly provides a unique Disney experience as it incorporates music, movie clips, characters, and even theme park attractions that span 80 years of Disney history.

Disney is a franchise loved by families worldwide. Epic Mickey The Power of Two Xbox 360 enables you and your family to experience this magical world in a new, adventurous way. Mickey and Oswald teach adults and youngsters alike the importance of striving to make a difference when it is the right thing to do.