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Family Party 30 Great Games Obstacle Arcade will provide you with a few hours of laughter and stiff competitions in the comfort of your own home before it becomes repetitive. This multi-game package from Nintendo, allows players to participate in party games specifically designed for multiple participants. Complete with a number of arcade challenges, obstacle courses, familiar athletic events, and thinking games, the Family Party package delivers an economically reasonable selection of games.

Family Party 30 transports its participant to "Family Party Land", an island full of magic and fun combined with a wide range of family favorite games and over-the-top challenges. Challenges that you have witnessed throughout life now come to life in your living room. You will have the opportunity to experience such adventures as space flights, horseback rides, skydives, and other activities without the concern of doing damage to your living room. Medals are awarded as you prove your mastery of each game, and high scores are kept to determine which member of your family will be king of "Family Party Land." The battle for supremacy of the island will provide a certain level of entertainment.

The all-new Wii U system, another advancement of the constantly evolving in-home gaming industry, includes the GamePad which has a special multiplayer challenge mode with many of the games that allows unique competitions between players. With the GamePad it is now possible to kick virtual soccer balls in the family room, to act as a game master in hidden card games, or to navigate obstacle course challenges. The Wii U GamePad can be used in a variety of methods to participate in the Family Party 30 Great Games Obstacle Arcade. Your family will utilize the GamePad to attempt each challenge that Family Party can bring your way.

This package of games was designed specifically for family play and interaction. For about £30.00, your family could experience many evenings together entertaining and being entertained for a brief time. There are games for every member of your home and enough variety that there is always something someone will want to play.

Overall, the game is designed for interaction with several players, solo players may not have enough here to enable enough playability within the game, so users may lose interest quite quickly within a short space on time.