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Assassin's Creed 3 is here with a huge bang, this game was developed in 2012 by Activision and once again they have come up with the goods.

You take on the role of an Assassin and your mission is to take down the Templars and try to stop the end of humanity, the Templars seek to control mankind and control people who live in the era in which the game is set, the 18th Century, around the time when the American Civil War was in being fought, and although the story is fictitious there are elements within the game which have been based on historical events.

The game is beautiful in construction, the scenery stands out and although there are several slight errors within the game itself, but these are nothing to get too alarmed about. For instance, when you are saddled up on the horse as you visit several places, occasionally the horse will fail to jump over even the simplest of obstacles. There was also an instance of a soldier stuck in a tree for no apparent reason.

Other slight problems with the latest series include the combat situations. During combat we hit a Templar several times with an Axe, over 20 times in fact, and yet he still fights on. One Templar also had an Axe embedded in his head, yet he also continued to fight. I would have preferred an increase in Templars and rivals rather than adopting this approach of making them almost indestructible during the game. However most rivals that you will encounter can be taken down relatively easily with practice.

You also get various weapons including Swords, Axes, Smoke Bombs, and Pistols, as well as others not listed here. You also get hidden blades on both arms, enabling stealth approach killing, mid air combat strikes, and up close and personal attacks. Other in game tactics include timing. One example used in order to successfully eliminate all opponents without being hit relies on the timing of various buttons during combat, which, with practice, really improves the overall experience of being an Assassin.

In my opinion Assassin's Creed 3 is probably one of the best adventure games I have ever laid my hands on, the original Assassin's Creed set the benchmark, and this is no different, it is simply epic and deserves a place at the very top of what the Xbox 360 can achieve.