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Cheat Content

Lego Battles DS passwords.

Enter the codes at the in-game cheats menu for the desired effect:-

Password Effect

QMSLPOE Fast Building
SHWSDGU Unlock Ninja Master
UGDRSQP Unlock Islander
XRCTVYB Unlock Troll King
ZVDNJSU Unlock Space Criminal Leader
BGQOYRT Double lego bricks
KVBPQRJ Fast Mining
PQZLJOB Fast Harvesting
UMSXIRQ Full Unit Cap
ZPWJFUQ Long Range Magic
DWFTBNS Super Magic
BGQOYRT Double LEGO Bricks
JRTPASX Fast Magic
IBGOFWX Show Enemies
ABABLRX Regenerating Health
CPLYREK Show LEGO Studs (Blue)
RTGYPKC Show Red Bricks
LJYQRAC Show Minikit
QMSLPOE Fast Building
AVMPWHK One Hit Kill (Hero Only)
HJCRAWK Invincible Hero
SKQMXPL Reveal Map
EDRFTGY Upgraded Towers
THNBGRE Super Explosions