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Working as a courier, Cole McGrath was instructed one day to take a package to the center of the Empire City and open it. Upon doing so, the package explodes and somehow destroys the city, killing thousands of innocent people. Cole wakes up to discover he had survived the explosion and gained super powers as well. He can, among others, shoot lighting from his hands and slide in power cables - basically powers related to electricity.

Cole has to decide fast whether to be good, or be one of the bad guys. Upon choosing, you’re either one or the other, there is no gray area. The powers you further develop as the game progresses are based on your initial decision to be good or bad. The game gets itself from the vilest rank – Infamous, while there is also a Hero rank if you have chosen the good side.

The story is interesting enough to keep you entertained, though you might find it tiring to be only playing one side. The dialogue will keep you captivated as it has been well – thought of, and the characters are rounded enough to be likeable.

The trend with games now is to immerse the player in the virtual world of the game; and with InFamous, the system makes sure that every decision Cole makes will directly have an effect on the game’s storyline, and the way people interact with you.

The moral choices you make decides how much fun you are gonna get from your gaming experience will be: if you are the good guy, a classic handcuff maneuver does the trick, but be the bad guy and everything just takes on a new turn. This said, I can say that being bad is really good – in games, that is.

Infamous’ graphics are so – so. They are stunning by their own right, but given the technology right now, the developers could have done something more to improve the visual glitches that pop every now and then in the game. The colors used and the Empire City’s texture and details are really visually captivating, and Cole was beautifully done as well. At least our hero doesn’t have glitches, and he moves very realistically.