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Zoo Tycoon 2 PC Review

Say hello to the next addition to the Zoo Tycoon series. There are a lot of improvements this time round which make this game a lot better than the previous version of this game. You will be able to build a zoo and place your animals in a variety of exhibits. The goal is to keep them happy so that they will remain happy and entertain your paying customers at the zoo. Also, you will need to micromanage your zoo and pay your employees appropriately.

The end result of keeping everyone at the zoo happy is your customers will be more apt to buy from your gift shops and also your food. This will give you more money for more extra exhibits and even animal toys. The basic gameplay is almost a mirror image of the first game with much improved graphics, though.

This game has 3 different modes in which you can play as. The 1st mode is "campaign" mode which will allow you to complete over 15 missions. They get more and more challenging as the game progresses. However, "challenge" mode lets you build unique zoos where you will have to juggle your finances and will offer challenge you with a bunch of different obstacles. The last, but not least is "sandbox" mode where you don't have to worry about your finances and can just build until your heart is content.

What is different about this game is you can actually play it in 1st person view or as staff member. I believe you can even play as a guest to, but I am not 100% sure on that. You will also see little green (good), yellow (neutral) and red (mad) faces above your animals and customers. This will show you what you need to do in order to make your animals or customers happy. For instance, if you put a tiger in an ice filled environment he/she would obviously be upset.

What I really like about this game is the improved graphics though. When you used to zoom in (Zoo Tycoon) it was almost a pixel mess. For instance, when you had to take a picture of your lion it was almost sad on how bad the graphics were. This time it looks much better and the issue with the game speed has even been fixed.

It is however a great game overall and a great game to play with the kids. My little one will had the most fun playing in the sandbox mode where they don't have to think to much about managing their finances. I have already spent numerous afternoons playing this and overall the game is top notch.