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Cheat Content

Super Mario Land 3DS Star Medals. 

Unlock the following Star Medal Levels by obtaining the corresponding number of Star Medals:-

Level Number of Medals

S1-Bowser 110
S2-Airship 120
S3-Airship 140
S4-Airship 160
S5-Bowser 180
S6-Airship 200
S7-Bowser 220
S8-1 230
S8-2 240
S8-3 250
S8-4 260
S8-5 270
S8-Bowser 290
W1-4 003
W3-5 015
W4-3 030
W5-3 040
W5-Bowser 050
W6-5 060
W7-3 070
W8-3 080
W8-Bowser 1 090
W8-Bowser 2 100