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Dishonored PS3 secret trophies.

Carry out the following tasks to get the corresponding trophies:-

Poetic Justice Neutralize all key targets using indirect means.
Alive Without Breath Take possession of a fish.
An Unfortunate Accident Kill Morgan Pendleton with steam.
Bodyguard Protect Callista's uncle, Captain Geoff Curnow.
Creepy Crawly Use a rat tunnel.
Dunwall in Chaos Complete the game in high chaos.
Food Chain Assassinate an assassin.
Gentleman Caller Complete all the Granny Rags side missions.
Just Dark Enough Complete the game in low chaos.
King of the World Reach the top of Kaldwin's Bridge.
Lights Out Deactivate at least 5 security systems on Kingsparrow Island.
Long Live the Empress Save Empress Emily Kaldwin.
Mercy is the Mark Spare Daud’s life.
Street Conspiracy Complete all the Slackjaw side missions.
The Art of the Steal Get the Art Dealer's safe combination for Slackjaw, but robbed the safe first.
Vanished Escape from prison and navigated the sewers undetected.
Well Mannered Complete the Boyle Estate mission without spoiling the party.