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Need For Speed Shift PS3 Review.

Looking for a game that will make feel like you’re the king of the road? Then look no further because Need for Speed Shift is the perfect game!

Armed and beefed up with totally customizable cars with specifications we can only dream of driving in the real world, Shift promises to give a real experience of owning a handsome car with big boy conditions. The game itself is not very bad either, very smooth and well polished graphics indeed!

As the name implies, the game is about speed. Car selection is a breeze, though for those picky with their colors may find it difficult to see the real car color as the menu is set in a dark background (but that is not really big deal, isn’t it?) with 50 levels in the game, and each requiring precision, aggression, and of course speed, one will surely have hours upon hours of enjoyment.

Defeating opponents earns you both cash and stars; cash for upgrading your car to your dream machine while stars allows the unlocking of new race tracks and new tiers. Your driving style are also rewarded – aggressive moves such as pushing another car into a tire wall and precision moves such as finishing a track cleanly – with profile points, with level 50 as the racing master level.

Shift begins with a test race, aptly named the “Trial of Fire.” Your handling and performance in this lap determines your default difficulty level and handling model. As a single player, the play options are Career Mode and Quick Race. The latter lets you run races, time attacks, and drifts in 36 tracks with a whole bunch of different conditions – making the race experience for each roadway unique. The Career Mode is a set of themed competitions between certain classes of cars and countries then arranged in tiers. The climax of Career is the 10 – race World Tour.

The entire play systems is rich with rewards, but take note in the online mode it is frustrating to know that other drivers are given points for spinning you out of the road. And it gets even more exciting as you level up. The AI is as competitive as ever, even on the easiest setting. They do though, have a tendency to slow down and wait up for you to destroy you if you are left behind in a race.

Overall, Need for Speed Shift will always have its flaws, but it can definitely get away with it. In depth customization, exhilarating races, and chock – full of variety, EA offers a truly unique racing experience for the PS3.