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Rayman Legends PS3 unlockable costumes.

The following costumes can be unlocked in the Heroes Gallery by acquiring the corresponding number of Lums:-

Costume Lums

Flaming Teensy 440,000
GlobTeen 20,000
Globolk 350,000
Glombrox 75,000
Ninja Teensy 280,000
Poglox 500,000
Raybox 40,000
Raymesis 130,000
Raymolk 220,000
Rayomz 1,000,000
Red Globox 14,000
Sir Rayelot 2,000
Teensy Hermit 170,000
Teensy Queen 55,000
Teensy Ray 5,000
Teensy Wizard 100,000
The First King 750,000