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Epic Mickey the Power of Two PS3 is one game that all Mickey lovers should consider looking into. The game takes you into the world of the magical sorcerer Mickey as you help him and others to help save the center of a dimension. Wasteland is where Mickey runs around trying to conjure and reconstruct bad areas of the Wasteland. The problem is that there are all kinds of buildings that should not be standing tall. Help Epic Mickey grow completely and change Wasteland from ugly waste area to a brand new kingdom.

Since Wasteland is living in complete despair, will you help Mickey reconstruct it all or allow for it to sink down the waste drain even more? Your goal should be to help Epic Mickey unlock the secret layers and reconstruct everything from the ground up. All areas of this place can be fixed, but you must unlock each aspect to help him remake the Magic Kingdom.

Mickey and Oswald are the two who undergo this entire game to save the beautiful kingdom. If you come and help them, you may be able to save the wasteland and turn it into something beautiful.

Who is this for?

This fun game is perfect for all Disney lovers. Even those who personally do not love Disney related films will enjoy this because of the simple concept behind it. Guys and girls who love solving mysteries and unchaining difficult obstacles and challenges may find Epic Mickey a great interactive game. If you just enjoy all the benefits of playing a game that require you to think, then this will be a fun game worth trying out. There are tons of levels and keys to find to unlock some hidden treasures, so this is a lifelong game that can take quite some time to beat out.

Are there any downsides to the game?

Despite the game being fully evolved around the Mickey character, you will find that the game doesn't completely revolve around Disney themed topics. The game is focused more on mystery and thrilling stories, so the game in itself is not completely related to the story of Mickey Mouse in general. Some Disney fans may lose interest with this aspect, but it surely isn't that big of a deal for those who just want to play a fun game. However, you will find that the game is still very well related to Disney since a lot of other Disney characters come into play. The only reason it may not seem so Disney related is the fact that the Magic Kingdom looks like a total dump.

Overall, the game still has a fun topic and a great interactive set that can really impress those who have played the original game. You will find that this game is wonderful, exciting, and has a simple but enjoyable concept that can take a long time to beat. Grab a copy of Epic Mickey the power of two and start building up the Magic Kingdom all over again.