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Call of Duty 3 Roads to Victory PSP Review.

There have been a lot of first person shooters that have made there way to the PSP, but they all keep leaving PSP fans disappointed and wanting a decent shooter they can play in the palm of their hands. You might have noticed these two titles Medal of Honor and Brothers in Arms, and to put it softly they were not very fun. Well, I bought Call of Duty 3: Roads to Victory and I must say it didn't really hold my attention at all.

Well, in the beginning I was liking the game a lot, but as the levels went on and on I started to notice that it was so predictable. Not to mention there were some bugs that just needed to be fixed. It crashed a couple times! There was no way to save through the missions either. It does follow the same game flow of previous games; you will be playing fourteen levels and lead American, Canadian, and British troops into a France to defeat the Nazis. However, I just found the storyline wasn't any good at all; to be honest with you I can care less about the storyline.

The controls are not the greatest as a lot of PSP shooters seem to be following the same old crappy controls. For instance, there is a auto lock on function that is supposed to lock onto your enemies so that you can blast them to bits. I found that it does not work correctly at all. Your pistol has very short line of site and you pretty much have to be right in their face to get it to lock on correctly. Not to mention getting the weapons to lock onto moving targets is a chore in its self.

It just seems to be a game I have already played on Playstation 2. Actually, the games on PS2 are much better than this game. I guess if you have never played a Call of Duty game then it might not be that predictable, but you will find the same task to complete over and over again. One positive I can say about the game is that I did like taking control of the large machine guns and blasting a ton of Nazis out of the water. Nothing is more fun than killing Nazis!

The enemy AI is a joke though. Terrible respawns and you almost get the feeling you are playing a wacky arcade shooter. I can say that I was really disappointed with this game. It does not live up to the console games that you have played over the years. The graphics and everything are pretty good, but this game really doesn't do anything to keep you coming back. I bought the game only to trade it in for another game and hating myself for wasting my time with this game.