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Ben 10 Omniverse PS3 trophies.

Carry out the following tasks to get the corresponding trophies:-

Omniverse Overlord Earn every trophy in the game

Codon Collector Collect all Codon Crystal power-ups.
Mass Destruction Destroy 150 crates in the game.
Omnitrix To The Max Fully upgrade all of Ben's alien forms.
Smoothie Operator Collect all Smoothie power-ups.

35-Hitter Perform a 35-hit combo.
Look, Grandpa--No Aliens! Defeat 50 enemies as Young Ben or Teen Ben (not in alien form).
Plumber Power Fully upgrade all of Rook's Proto-Tool functions.

15-Hitter Perform a 15-hit combo.
25-Hitter Perform a 25-hit combo.
Battle Bloxx Defeat 50 enemies as Bloxx.
Branching Out Defeat 50 enemies as Wildvine.
Cannon Fodder Defeat 50 enemies as Cannonbolt.
Diamond In The Rough Defeat 50 enemies as Diamondhead.
Feedback Frenzy Defeat 50 enemies as Feedback.
Focused Destruction Destroy 8 crates in a single attack.
Four Times The Fun Defeat 50 enemies as Four Arms.
Goin' Mutts Defeat 50 enemies as Wild Mutt.
Gravattacktics Defeat 50 enemies as Gravattack.
Heated Exchange Defeat 50 enemies as Heatblast.
Human Power Defeat 20 enemies as Young Ben or Teen Ben (not in alien form).
It's Hero Time Complete the entire game on Hero difficulty.
Just Chillin' Defeat 50 enemies as Arctiguana.
Not A Scratch Complete an entire level without being defeated and reset.
Omni What? Defeat 30 enemies as Young Ben or Teen Ben (not in alien form).
Open Season Open 75 Tech Repositories over the course of the game.
Shockingly Effective Defeat 50 enemies as Shocksquatch.
The Eyes Have It Defeat 50 enemies as Eye Guy.
Think Fast Defeat 50 enemies as XLR8.
Up In The Air Defeat 30 enemies while they are in the air.