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Resonance of Fate PS3 trophies.


Platinum Trophy You've unlocked every trophy in the game. You've mastered 'Resonance of Fate'!


Basels' Repairman A trophy for making over half of Basel's hexes accessible again.
Big Shot A trophy for dealing over 2,000 damage in a single attack.
Bonus Hitter A trophy for landing your first Bonus Hit on an airborne foe.
Bullet Barrage A trophy for landing a combo of over 500 hits.
Customaestro A trophy for connecting over 10 custom parts to a firearm.
Extreme Spiker A trophy for performing over 100 Smackdown attacks.
First Contact A trophy for defeating your first enemy.
Four-Terminal Chain A trophy for connecting four distinct terminals.
Hero Actor A trophy for attacking over 1,000 times during Hero Actions.
Hundred Plus Club A trophy for raising a character's level to 100.
Maiden Mission A trophy for clearing your first mission.
Material Collector A trophy for destroying over 3,000 enemy body parts.
Material Creator A trophy for having fused and scapped items over 200 times.
Professional Hunter A trophy for defeating over 3,000 enemies.
Resonance Miser A trophy for storing over Resonance Points.
Shopaholic A trophy for spending over 500,000 rubies on clothing and accessories.
Spite Monger A trophy for landing over 100 Bonus Hits.
The Iron Fist A trophy for defeating over 30 enemies with no weapon equipped.
Thousand Pitcher A trophy for throwing over 1,000 attack items.
Tri-Attacker A trophy for using your first Tri-Attack.