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Final Fantasy I PSP Review.

If you are looking for a game that will boost your ego because you can and you will (!) defeat every monster, fiend, and boss without encountering any real difficulty then this one is definitely for you!

Or you could probably be a novice gamer with high hopes for a game with a great name and backed by millions of fans around the world ready to give their testimonials about how wonderfully epic the series is then this one is definitely for you, too!

Final Fantasy for the PSP has all the fundamentals required for countless hours of mindless game play – mind you it’s the 20th anniversary edition – that is just perfect for long field trips or on the way to some relative’s house that you don’t even know you have. The world of Coneria with its sub par battle strategies and isolated towns make me hate this game a lot. But hey it wouldn’t be Final Fantasy if not for those elements, right? It’s just that everything has been around for quite some years now that it has gotten to the point that it is actually boring. Do I have to repeat myself for you to get my point?

The Final Fantasy franchise is considered one of gaming industry’s must – play items in the market. It is epic by its own means: the characters bring it to life and the storyline will make you crave for the next release. With the FF1, SquareEnix managed to save the reputation of the game by the crisp audio remixes – whether you are in a battle or plainly and simply walking around town hoping to stumble upon some gold – and the visual appeal of the game is hard to deny; I give my word that it looks really great on the Playstation Portable’s crystalline screen. I just had to give kudos to Enix for at least maintaining the quality that we are used to from the Final Fantasy series.

Nevertheless, no one will be satisfied long enough to last through the entire game – unless they have no other game in their console – in one sitting. You must first satisfy the brain before you please anything else in the gamer.