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Knowing how the PSP is, it can be easily said that flight simulation is one of the game genres weakest platforms, and with the release of the new IL-2 Sturmovik on the Xbox 360, PC, and PS3, it is a bit of wonder how the PSP can catch up on the platform wars.

Set in the World War II, Birds of Prey gives you control over planes flying high in the European theater. The player can choose from the Battle of Berlin to the Battle of Britain and fly high, aiding allies both in the land and skies, and defeating enemy subs, fighters, and bombers.

For the PSP console, Birds of Prey makes heavy use of the analog stick which makes flying tricky as the plane you are taking control of readily straightens itself once you let go of the nub. With a little practice, however, one can master the controls of flying in little time at all.

Staying true to the World War setting of the game, the primary weapon used in fighting are machine guns. Due to such, it is advised to avoid a frontal approach in your enemies since avoidable damage is more likely to happen, and collisions happen rather frequently in this game. The artificial intelligence of the enemy fighters is quite good actually, performing maneuvers to avoid your fire as well as hit you and ultimately bring you down.

Once you are hit, you can objectively view your plane's status via the numeric health bar located on the screen. On a campaign mission, each aircraft that will be used is preselected per mission, but you can always go back in the free mission mode to do the mission using the plane that you have chosen. Something expected from such games, don't you agree?

As you progress through the campaign, branching choices are given out to the player to decide where he will go for the next mission. It is highly advised to go back to complete all of these choices for you to be able to fully maximize the flying experience before finally completing the campaign since the missions tend to be quick, the maximum lasting a little over ten minutes.

Mission briefings are voice guided, providing quick information about the battle but no historical content at all. It feels like a gladiator simply fighting rather than a gladiator fighting for a cause, no that it matters.

This arcade style game supports only two players and lacks additional challenges for the player who expects more; you only get the fly your chosen plane on the same missions with the same game play

Overall I feel anyone who has an interest in flying and aerial maneuvers will really enjoy what this game has to offer, I give it the thumbs up, I will certainly play it again and keep the game rather than sell it like most PSP games I buy online.