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Black Ops II on the Xbox 360 is split between two interconnecting storylines, the first set of dates include 1986-1989 and tend to be split around the Cold War era and the latter being set it the distant future, the year 2025. The game features various characters from the previous Black Ops game. It is the usual scenario, you take on various foreigners in various covert missions in an attempt to restore some sort of order from chaos and mayhem caused by enemy action.

It seems quite obvious that this game has had a lot of money spent on it, the visual graphics in this game are simply astounding, and the overall attention to detail is on par with the first Call of Duty Black Ops, the sound quality is also of superior quality.

During the gameplay you get to use a multitude of weapons, machinery and aircraft as you fight to survive as the whole world around you seems to be crumbling around you and your allies as the war rages on. You also have to take into account that how you interact with certain characters during the game will determine how the game ends as will how you complete certain missions. You also have other options where you can now set your preferred weapon of choice before the mission starts if required.

Given the nature and sheer number of vehicles, aerial combat machines such as helicopters and jet fighters, robots, and many other weapons, the designers really have not only provided a wide selection but they have also managed to get the controls reacting how you would like and expect them to react, making for a much more fluent game.

Overall this is a very good game indeed, and compares well with some of the other top rated games for the Xbox 360 or any other platform for that matter.