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Borderlands 2 is the sequel to the original Borderlands and is a first person shooter which has a mixture of action and adventure thrown into the mix, the gameplay is very much like its predecessor. As the game loads you are presented with a menu screen and you are given the option to select one of five characters, each character has its own weapon, and has a particular skill set.

The weapon style in Borderlands 2 has also been updated, there is more range in both weapons and customizable weapons, and some of the weapons within the game include, Sniper Rifles, Rocket Launchers, Sub Machine Guns, Shotguns, and Grenades amongst many other weapons of choice.

There are about 30 hours of gameplay to be had in this game, and like the last version you get lots and lots of side quests, there is also a lot of humor to be had in the game. I won't spoil it but some characters you meet throughout your quest make you wonder how on earth the designers thought them up.

Suffice it to say Borderlands 2 is a game which is a mixture of other RPGs, the free-roaming on Pandora and the overall experience with the characters makes this a worthy update in which the various glitches present in its predecessor have also been fixed.

As for the story, you basically start where the previous Borderlands finished, that is, you end up visiting Pandora in a quest to find the vaults, and you are one of four Vault Hunters. Over the past five years Pandora has been taken over by a corporation called Hyperion, run by a madman called Handsome Jack. So in essence your mission is to stop Handsome Jack and regain control in a bid to save Pandora from potential doom.

Apart from some of the events being sometimes predicable, and the somewhat jerky vehicles, this is so much of an improvement on the already successful Borderlands series.