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Hitman Absolution takes game players into the world of the Assassin, you play the role of Agent 47 who is a blood thirsty Assassin who has been given a new assignment which he now must execute. As you play through the game you find out that the agent in question is on the run from the law, to add to this he has been betrayed previously by the very people who he trusted the most. A conspiracy unfolds from this as the story unfolds.

Some of you may remember the old previous title Hitman Blood Money which is where the previous story was laid out in order for the continuation of the series and to make way for this new title, Hitman Absolution.

Unlike the previous encounter which came about 6 years ago now, the new missions are much more thought out, the hiding, stealth tactics, killing people with your bear hands, making weapons from simple household objects, all cleverly mapped out. There are also slight changes with the controls which I feel has made it far easier to control the character while playing the game.

You also have many more options unlike the previous encounter, options to checkout weaponry by visiting the safe house, and various other options are also available here such as disguises, weapons, upgrades, challenges, combat techniques, stats and so on.

Hitman Absolution in a nutshell is a well crafted game which will have a lot of appeal to those people interested in these stealth type combat games, the story is also well crafted which only adds to the appeal of this game.