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The Gears of War trilogy is perhaps one of the most visually recognizable third person shooters in video games today. From the chainsaw bayonet to the gravel voiced brute squad that makes up the male leads, Gears of War is a dystopian apocalypse at its finest, and despite complaints about the consistent presence of chest high walls, the game has a huge following among players. In Gears of War 3 players step back into the worn combat boots of Marcus Fenix, the gruff, grizzled hero that's out to save the world one barrage of bullets at a time.

What's The Story?

With Gears of War 3, things have spiraled completely out of control. The last human city fell a year and a half ago, and to make matters worse there's something brewing in the depths of the planet; something that can only mean more bad business for what's left of humanity. It's up to Marcus to lead what's left of his Delta Squad to key places to destroy the threats and try to rescue the chances for humanity by putting down whatever threats he and his team come across. By the end of the game though, players will have to put their trigger fingers to work to make sure that the world survives.


The end of the epic trilogy has taken what the previous two games did well and made them that much better. The controls are organic, and allow players to tuck, roll, run, dodge, strafe and reload all at speeds that make everything move at the pace of the player. Previous problems, such as the intelligence of the team's AI, or difficulty in aiming at what players really want to target have been mostly repaired, and overall the game flows better than either of the previous two installments, while keeping the same feeling of pedal to the metal action and teeth rattling violence that's made the series so popular for so long.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Gears of War 3, like the rest of the series, has all the things that can make a really enjoyable action game. However, there are some things that players will need to put on their blinders for in order to keep the suspension of disbelief. Players can't question the plot, or the logic of the world, for instance. While there aren't as many holes in it as there are in the enemy, there are some logic gaps. As many reviewers have said though, the game more than makes up for its shortcomings with great action and lovely scenery, along with enough twists and turns to keep players shooting and snarling as they go through wave after wave of enemies.

Gears of War 3, just as the previous games have done, has set the standard in the genre. With the conclusion of the trilogy though, players need to wring all the enjoyment they can out of the last chapter; there probably isn't going to be another one after it.